Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Concert Reflections for K

I have previously written about how Janet and I have our students complete a winter concert reflection sheet following their performance. Since our performances run through the last day before our winter break, we completed these when we returned in January. Some of our kindergarten students were struggling with reading and answering all of the questions within the class period, and it was beginning to be a little stressful. Janet had the brilliant idea for us to modify the form for the younger students. I'm not sure why this never occurred to me, but it is one of the many reasons I love having two music teachers in our school. Two brains are definitely better than one! :)

When we work on these questionnaires, we place a copy under a document camera and display it on a screen. Another change I made was the addition of numbers in front of the questions. It made it easier for students to follow along or to request a certain number to be read again.

Another use for this modified version is for older students who many need accommodations.
For a copy of the simpler version click here:

See this post for a link to the original version:
Winter Concert Reflections

I hope this new version is useful!