Swingin' into Treble: Introduction to the Treble Staff

Innovative visuals guide students though the staff, line & space notes,  and musical alphabet. A new way of displaying line & space notes helps students understand the reasoning behind sentences like "Every good ballerina deserves flowers.

The 178 slide presentation is divided into sections to help teachers navigate to a specific topic. Students benefit when they follow the presentation and copy concepts on white boards or staff paper. 

After gaining an understanding of the basics of the treble staff, students will apply the knowledge and identify notes.

This introductory presentation covers line 1 through line 5. Look for an extended version coming soon that will add ledger line notes.

This resource is available at my TpT store here:

Around the World-Treble Staff Game

 This is a super-fun way for students to hone their note identification skills. Learn more in this blog entry: Around the World-Treble Staff Game.

Two levels of play are available, as well as a bundled set at a discounted price. The resources are available at my TpT store:
Around the World Basic & Extended Treble Games - BundledSet

Birthday Cake Rhythms

Who DOESN'T like birthday cake? Grab students' attention with bright, appealing visuals. They will celebrate the introduction to quarter and eighth notes with Birthday Cake Rhythms.

Lesson ideas are included in the PowerPoint presentation. Students will begin reading "cake" and "birthday" by decoding cake pictures. Next, notes are shown below the cakes. Finally the cakes disappear, and students read actual notation.

Lesson plans keep students actively engage and progress in a sequential manner. Students will enjoy reading and playing rhythms on instruments.

Digital file includes PowerPoint and PDF versions.

Monster Rhythms - Practice & Poisoned Rhythm Game

When students can successfully read and play the rhythms in level 1, they are ready for their favorite rhythmic game: Poisoned Rhythms. This Monster version is the perfect partner to Monster Rhythms-Level 1. For more information on how to introduce level 1, see this blog entry: Monster Rhythms.

Students will strive to outwit the monsters by avoiding playing the poisoned rhythm. The "punishment" isn't too bad: they simply move to the next level of instruments. Complete instructions for the game are included in the product file.

The practice slides and the poisoned rhythm game are available at my TpT store. The bundle includes everything you need for a monstrous good time, plus it includes a discount:

Monster Recorder B-A-G

Beginning recorder players will benefit from this fun way to practice reading rhythms while focusing on playing with proper tone and articulation. Levels 1-3 provide 4-beat rhythmic phrases with letters to indicate notes to play. Removing the layer of reading notation allows students to concentrate on their sound. Lesson ideas are included.
For more information, check out this blog entry: Monster Recorder B-A-G Rhythms
  • Level 1 includes phrases with notes all on one pitch (B-A-G).
  • Level 2 includes phrases with B-A-G in stepwise motion. 
  • Level 3 includes phrases with B-A-G with leaps.
All levels include basic rhythms with quarter notes and rests, half notes, and eighth notes.

Each level is available in my TpT store, as well as a bundled set available at a discount. You can find them here:
Monster Recorder B-A-G Bundle

Kicking it with Recorder

Utilize bright, bold visuals with music split into attainable excerpts to motivate and equip students to progress quickly on the recorder. Recorder reward system includes 10 levels with 15 song selections (5 levels offer a choice of two pieces).

Each song is notated with large noteheads (great for emerging music readers) and split into several slides to allow students to focus on a small chunk of music at first and build up to the final song slide with the entire piece.

All songs are folk or classical music and can also be found in Artie Almeida's "Recorder Express" recorder method book, so this is the perfect resource for classrooms already using this book.

Product features 72 slides in PowerPoint and PDF versions. Included is a PDF with a list of rewards, songs, page numbers, and notes in the song. The list also includes bonus rainbow rewards.

Project colorful slides and track the music on the screen to help students start Kicking it with Recorder today!
Kicking it with Recorder

1, 2, 3: Valentine Fun

1, 2, 3: Valentine Fun
Song/movement activity recommended for 2nd-3rd grades, although when I let my 5th graders test it out first a boy exclaimed, "Let's do it again!" Slides include music notation of the song, a chance to identify "mi-re-do," and movement lyrics to help them learn the motions quickly. Movement directions are included, as well.


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