Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Virtual Field Trip

What student doesn't enjoy a field trip? Wouldn't a trip to the New York Philharmonic be an amazing place to take your music students? If you think that is impossible, think again! You can take them on a virtual field trip. The New York Philharmonic Kidzone is a fabulous website packed with kid-friendly ways to explore orchestral instruments, learn about composers, and participate in educational music activities.
I created a packet to serve as a guide for my students to use while exploring the NY Phil Kids website. Students have four task cards to complete first, which lead them through the Composer's Gallery, Composition Workshop, Instrument Lab, and Instrument Storage. After the tasks are completed, they may explore other areas of the website, which includes many musical games and activities.

If you would like to use the packet with your students, plan to allow more than one class period to complete the field trip. You can download a PDF of the packet by clicking the link below.

Take a quick spin through the NY Philharmonic Kidzone and see for yourself. It's a great place to visit. You'll be glad you did!


  1. I love this packet, thanks SO much for sharing! The computer lab I have access to only has space for a half class to be working at a time. Do you have any suggestions for what the rest of the class might do? I'd love to hear your ideas!

  2. I've let students work with partners at each computer, but that won't work if you can only fit half of the class in the lab. Do you send half the class and keep the other half in the classroom? If that is the case, you could have the ones in the classroom doing activities related to the instruments. There are tons of games available like Instrument Bingo and instrument card games.

    I have also used a fun activity that I learned from a coworker where the students would create riddles for the instrument. They would write clues about the instrument, and then make a flap to hide the answer. We used colorful paper, and they designed them and decorated them to be hung in the hallway for people to read.

    Oops! Gotta run teach a class! :)

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