Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Concert Reflections for K

I have previously written about how Janet and I have our students complete a winter concert reflection sheet following their performance. Since our performances run through the last day before our winter break, we completed these when we returned in January. Some of our kindergarten students were struggling with reading and answering all of the questions within the class period, and it was beginning to be a little stressful. Janet had the brilliant idea for us to modify the form for the younger students. I'm not sure why this never occurred to me, but it is one of the many reasons I love having two music teachers in our school. Two brains are definitely better than one! :)

When we work on these questionnaires, we place a copy under a document camera and display it on a screen. Another change I made was the addition of numbers in front of the questions. It made it easier for students to follow along or to request a certain number to be read again.

Another use for this modified version is for older students who many need accommodations.
For a copy of the simpler version click here:

See this post for a link to the original version:
Winter Concert Reflections

I hope this new version is useful!


  1. This is my second attempt at a comment so hope this one goes...

    Hi. This comment isn't about this particular post but your blog as a whole. I found you on Pinterest and read through many of your posts and really enjoyed it.

    I have a question for you. How do you and your co-teacher organize your planning? I will be in a similar situation beginning next year where I am at one school four days a week and at another 1 day. My one day school has 2 other teachers that are also there only 1 day. So the kids have two days of music with two different teachers. Any suggestions for us? Do we do ALL planning together? Divide up grade levels? ???

    I noticed your last post was this one from January. Hope you will do more in the future!

    Thank You,
    Dana Brown
    North Clackamas School District
    Portland, Oregon ( a long way from Alabama!)

    1. Dana,
      Wow! You have a challenge. Do you have any joint planning time available? I'm guessing you probably won't have much face-to-face time together, since you will all be in different places each day. If you want to plan lessons together and try to build off of what the other teachers are doing in their classes, you could use to share a planbook online. At least all of your plans would be in one place and available where ever you are.

      You could divide up the grades for planning purposes, and let each teacher plan for specific grades. At least it would make it easier to plan for the big picture and make sure curriculum flows well.

      Teaching music can be challenging (especially when dealing with crazy challenges like this), but it is also very rewarding. As long as all 3 of you are willing to work together, you will find a way to meet the challenge and provide the students with a year of strong, engaging, music education.

      I would love to hear how you all figure out the best way to make this work. I am sure there are other teachers facing similar issues that could learn from your experience.

      Keep us posted!

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