Thursday, September 20, 2012

Make Your Furniture Rock

If you want your music room to rock, it needs to look cool. I wanted to add a couple of pieces of furniture to my room this year, but the pieces needed a complete overhaul to make them rock-worthy.

Before Pics:

I wasn't kidding!  Look how hideous these pieces of furniture were. The rolling cart had seen better days. The round table was used as a prop on stage in musicals for about 10 years. I decided to give it a face lift and move it to my classroom.

Prep Work:

Both tables required sanding prior to applying paint. The round table also needed a good bit of wood filler. It was in sad shape from years of use.

Base Paint:

I used black spray primer/paint on the lower portions and white primer/paint (brush-on) for the tops. I used a satin finish, but wish I had used flat for the top. More on that later...

Tape & Contrasting Color:

I used painter's tape to tape patterns on the table tops. Then I painted a few coats of green paint. I used acrylic craft paint for the contrasting color. The white satin paint tried to repel the craft paint, so it took a few layers to make it work. I should have used flat paint on the table tops.

Last Steps:

I carefully peeled the tape off. I loved the contrast of the bright green and white. Then I sprayed several clear coats to protect the finish.

Finished Products:

Finally, these tables rock and can live in my classroom!

Do you have ugly furniture that could use a helping hand? Don't be afraid to paint it and make it cute. A little paint, tape, and time is all you need to update your old pieces and make them rock.

Have fun!

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