Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Clips from "The Lion King, Jr."

In May 2015, all 121 of our 6th graders participated in the production of Disney's "The Lion King, Jr." Since the show just became available in January, it was quite a feat. Costuming the show was probably the craziest part, and I hope to find time to give some tips and ideas on that. But for now, I'm posting a few video clips that I've uploaded to SchoolTube.

If you are considering performing this show with your students, I highly recommend it! The music is phenomenal, and the students loved everything about the musical. There are great parts for the chorus to play - boys enjoyed being wildebeests and other creatures, and girls loved being grasslands or graceful animals like gazelles and cheetahs.

I hope these videos will inspire you to take the leap into the wonderful world of "The Lion King!"

"Be Prepared": Scar gathers the hyenas and prepares to take over the Pridelands.

"They Live in You": Mufasa teaches Simba a lesson

"I Just Can't Wait to be King": Young Simba looks forward to being in charge

"Hakuna Matata": Timon & Pumbaa teach Simba how to live with no worries

"Shadowland": Nala leaves her homeland after Scar takes over

"He Lives in You": Rafiki teaches Simba to learn from the past (rehearsal video)

Hakuna matata!


  1. I think this can be a decent activity for the varsity growing youngsters. My youngsters are on holidays recently and it's a decent plan.

  2. You guys present there are performing an excellent job.
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  3. Sarah in WisconsinJune 12, 2022 at 9:31 PM

    Thank you! I am producing this next year and am seeking out easy set and costume ideas.